The Instagram Generation

I recently looked through some older photos I made with my phone, and yep, there are quite a lot. Most of them exist because I thought „Hey, that’s a nice moment“ and just took a picture, no matter the lightning or the motive and a few of them just because I was drunk.

Every now and then I take a moment and browse my stream to put myself into a cheesy flashback. It’s incredible how the brain recalls all these moments and scenes around this very static event you are seeing. That’s kind of precious, for which reason I handle them with care.

While I was looking through my photos I discovered that today I take much less photos than I did one or two years ago. That’s a great pity; these moments are gone in some way. In the future I won’t make this mistake again. There are no moments when I don’t carry my phone with me, so whenever it’s a nice moment: snap.

btw: the video is lovely.